• Entrees

    • Salmon Kilkee


      Seasoned salmon tossed in a mustard butter sauce served with vegetable of the day and rice pilaf.

    • Surf & Turf


      Cajun spiced shrimp and steak tips cooked to order, served with vegetable of the day and side choice.

    • Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf


      2 huge slices of homemade meatloaf that has been wrapped in bacon and topped with BBQ sauce. Served with vegetable of the day and mashed potatoes.

    • Homemade Chicken Pot Pie


      All white meat, peas, corn, pearl onions, baked in a flaky pie crust. Served with a side salad of choice .

    • Kabobs


      Grilled twin skewers of turkey tips, mushrooms, onions and peppers. Served over a bed of rice with corn on the cob.

    • Steak Tips


      Marinated in teriyaki sauce, grilled to order, served with vegetable of the day and side choice.

    • Fish & Chips


      Cod, hand breaded, deep fried, served with Finna’s hand cut fries, tartar sauce and lemon.

    • Fried Shrimp


      Shrimp, hand breaded, deep fried, served with Finna’s hand cut fries and cocktail sauce.

    • Feta Chicken


      Chicken breast topped with diced tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic, baked and served over a bed of rice pilaf with vegetable of the day.

    • Stir Fry

      Vegetable medley, rice pilaf sautéed in sweet red chili teriyaki sauce. Served with garlic toast.

      • Vegetarian $8.99
      • Chicken $10.99
      • Steak $12.99
      • Shrimp $12.99
    • Rancher’s Pie


      Ground beef, corn, mashed potato, topped with mushroom gravy. Served with garlic toast

    • Chicken Parm


      Hand breaded chicken breast, fried, topped with marinara and mozzarella, baked and served over your choice of spaghetti or penne. Served with garlic toast.

Substitute sweet potato fries, hand battered onion rings or a small salad for $1.99